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30 May 1988
hmmm well i am CANADIAN!!! no i don't live in an igloo..lol...
i am a very outgoing, friendly person who gets along with pretty much anyone...
i am an artist/photographer thinking about going into advertising..
i like to write poetry and do collage work..
i love listening to music...
i like fool around on photoshop...
Big fan of david bowie, amazing musician and wonderful actor..The Labyrinth rocks my socks
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advertising, aerosmith, alex gross, alex pardee, alexander skarsgård, alien, amelia atwater-rhodes, andy warhol, art, art nouveau, astronomy, baking, banksy, batman, beaded curtains, beethoven, bernstein & andriulli, blogs, bobby chiu, bottle caps, candy apples, cartoons, cheesecake, chop sticks, chuck taylors., cinnamon, cocorosie, cupcakes, d.i.y, dave curd, david bowie, derek hough, design, deviant art, die hard, dinosaurs, disco balls, disney movies, dove, dracula, drawing, dumbo, eboy, eighties, elephants, england, erasers, eric northman, evilcuppycake, ewoks, fafi, flaunt magazine, football, frogs, froud, fruit loops, funky stuff, gary oldman, gingerbread latte, graham peacock, grapefruit juice, harry potter, honey, icons, illustration, jack guy, jackson pollock, jann arden, jill greenberg, juliette and the licks, juxtapoz magazine, kawaii, korn, land before time, leona lewis, lilac. funky jewellery, love actually, lucian, luke goss, lush, malcolm gladwell, mark ryden, michael sheen, monkeys, muppets, muse, mushrooms, music, nosferatu, nuada, nylon magazine, paintbrushes, painting, paper clips, peacocks, photography, polaroids, pop art, pop-tarts, post-it notes, prince nuada, psychedelic posters, puffer fish, pumpkin pie, quills, rain, reading, rolling stones, rudolf hausner, salvador dali, scarygirl dolls, scotland, sebastian krüger, seventies, sharpie markers, soccer, sour candy, space invaders, spiderwebs, star wars, stars, steve defrank, stevie nicks, sugar cookie candles, sugarplum soap, sweaters, taylor kitsch, tea, the beatles, the descent, the goonies, the patriot, the sounds, thomas hans, tristan, true blood, turtlenecks, wallpaper, weird pens, weird stuff, whale sharks, x-men, zippo lighters